Linh Son Co Tu Pagoda is the oldest one in Vung Tau, Vietnam

17th Tháng Mười Một 2015

Linh Son Co Tu Pagoda is at 104 Hoang Hoa Tham, Ward 2, Vung Tau city. Despite of not being the largest and hugest pagoda, Linh Son Co Tu Pagoda is the oldest one in Vung Tau, Vietnam.

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At first, the pagoda was built on a small mountain, but in 1919 this area was occupied by the French to build their villas for their navigators. Until 1921, the pagoda with the contributes of four believers, was built again at the current location.

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Originally, Linh Son Co Tu Pagoda was made of bamboo, bamboo mats and double tiles. In year 1948, great master Thich Tri Tinh started heading the pagoda. Later, Thich Tinh Vien, who is a Buddhist monk and a disciple of master Thich Tri Tinh, took over this position. Year 1959, Thich Tinh Vien moved the entire pagoda to the opposite area, near Than Thang Tam temple with larger space as can be seen now.

In the main hall of the pagoda, a Buddha sculpture is placed which is 1,2 meter high and made of stone with gold cover. The sculpture is carved skillfully so that it has an ingenious and lively look. According to the Buddha’s nuance, the archaeologists estimate it is about 1 600 years ago.


About the origin of Buddha sculpture, some legends told that hundred years ago, there was a company of fishing boats from the Central area arrived and fished in the front sea, then they discovered 2 stone sculptures buried underground on the mountain slope. Together they dug the sculpture up and then waited till the next day to hold a mass in order to bring it along with them. Nearby civilians found out the news and gathered at that place. They said that the sculptures were local vestiges and insisted on keeping them. Finally, the bigger sculpture stayed, the smaller one was taken to a temple at Duc Pho, Quang Ngai for worship. Bigger sculpture is the present one at Linh Son Co Tu Pagoda and now is put forward for being claimed as a national treasure by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Also, the pagoda keeps and worships a cooper Maitreya sculpture.

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Annually, Linh Son Co Tu Pagoda holds many masses for peace, requiems, Guan Yin festivals, Dan Sanh ceremonies, Vu Lan ceremonies, masses praying for baby souls,…

Visiting the pagoda in normal days, pilgrims will be able to freely indulge themselves in a world of peace with such a quiet space to get rid of all your troubles and worries of the busy life. Coming here, pilgrims not only relieve stress but also contemplate the beautiful scenes, the unique architecture of a pagoda with a long history – Linh Son Co Tu Pagoda.